Duties of a Tax Agent

Duties of a Tax Agent

We all want jobs that in which we work a lot and get paid a lot and if you are a kind of person who loves to work and you can solve difficult things, then we suggest that you become a tax agent in Dubai who has ICV certification.

If you are thinking that why we suggested this job then see the benefits of it below:

  1. You will have to see that what is the closing balance of the taxes in a day that you have collected.
  2. If there are any clients who have not paid the taxes for months, you need to make their sheet.
  3. Then you have to submit that sheet to the higher authorities who will send the legal notices to the clients by the law courts.
  4. You have to make sure that the closing balance is equal.
  5. You have to keep checking on the new rules of taxes if there are any imposed.
  6. If there are any changes, you have to set a meeting and give complete explanation to the whole staff.
  7. If there are some clients who have some issues in their tax payer history, you might have to look into their issue as well.

There is no such job that does not have any kind of responsibility. And responsibility is another name of job. You can say that when we were small our parents used to tell us to clean the car or any other kind of chore that we had to do every day.

And if we messed that up, we always had to hear that you had one job and you could not do it right. And now you see how our day to day responsibilities become our job. Whenever we decide to do a job, they give us the list of things that we have to do.

And that is the part of our job and when we complete those things, that is why we get paid, whenever you are ready to start a career, you will hear different HR companies giving your sugar coated jobs options saying that you don’t have to do much. But the fact is that there is no such job that does not have any kind of duty. There are some jobs like that but the fact is that most them are fraud jobs and you could get into some serious trouble.